Garment Exchange is a peer-to-peer community that allows women nationwide to rent from each other’s closets – while being matched by style, size and body type. 


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We believe in empowering women to come together to share their unique styles. Our goal is to make this process easy and our passion is to create a community of confident women! 

“My friends and I have been doing this with our own closets for years, so having this option on a nationwide scale is incredible.” – Lauren O.


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Be a renter, owner or both! 

All sizes, all body types, and all styles welcome.



This style is hard to categorize because no two artists dress the same! You are individualistic and march to the beat of your own drum, and that comes through in your clothing. You are creative and bold both in personality and style. Your friends are always complementing your outfits and look to your for help when curating their personal style. 



Nike sneakers and denim? You’re the queen of this effortless look. You’re low-maintenance and people know you as the girl-next-door. Your style is on the sporty side and this allows you to get sh** done on the daily. We envy how good look you look in those sneakers and sweatshirt. 



Is Stevie Nicks your spirit animal? You draw fashion inspiration from the 60s and 70s. Freedom of motion, tons of layering, and prints comprise your down-to-earth style. Anytime there’s a music festival in town, your friends ask to borrow your clothes. 



Your style is coveted after because you look so relaxed, happy, and sun-kissed! You favor a more natural aesthetic and you dress so that you’re ready for anything–whether that be surfing, skating, or hiking. PacSun is your store of choice and your friends know you as the laid-back, active girl. 



You have a smart elegance and sophistication about you, both in style and personality. You’re individualistic and aren’t swept up in what’s trendy. You stick to high quality fabrics and shapes that flatter your body type. You have style with a little bit of attitude!



Lucky you, this look is never going out of style. Trends don’t phase you and you stick to pieces that will always be flattering and beautiful. Collared shirts, little black dresses, and red lipstick are your bread and butter. Your favorite black blazer has come to the rescue time and time again!



Your fashion choices are bold and innovative. You mix the West with the East, loud pieces with quiet ones, and unusual prints with bold colors. You’re individualistic, unconventional, and confident. You blend contrasting styles and your friends are always in awe of how well you pull it off.


This style gives us (and everyone else!) heart-eyes. Skirts, dresses, and gorgeous heels compliment your sassy personality perfectly. Ultra-feminine and lovely, you never fail to draw attention with your flirty style. 



You channel the 80s and 90s for your edgy, punk rock style. Flannel shirts, combat boots, and band tees are your go-to pieces. You love neutral colors and the darker, the better! 



Your clothing does not confine you; you’re a free spirit, who loves the wind in your hair, and wears your heart on your sleeve. You love Free People, maybe a little boho, and a fusion of feminine and natural — with a mix of everything in between. 



Clean lines and structure are your jam. Solid colors are a must and fabrics with interesting  geometric silhouettes make up your put-together look. Alexander Wang is one of your favorite designers and you have a certain Parisian flair about you. 



You’re the girl who loves J. Crew. You have both a timeless and high-end style; People assume you have afternoon tea and watch polo matches in your spare time. Polka dots, pearls, and cashmere are staples in your closet and you always look presentable. Your lovely taste will never go out of style.



Your clothes always fit you perfectly and as a result you never fail to look stylish and put-together! Blazers, fitted pants, and pencil skirts are some staple pieces in your closet…….



This one speaks for itself. You’re the girl who knows all of the best consignment shops around town. Your friends are always begging to go shopping with you so you can show them your secrets to finding awesome vintage pieces.

“Great idea! I have some gorgeous dresses I’ve never worn that need some love!”- Lindsey W.