Your rental will ship to you by the specified need by date. Once you receive the item, keep the packaging for the garment’s return! If you need a new package or return label, contact us at:


Upon receiving the item, it is important to inspect it and report any damages or concerns within 24 hours through our claims link. This prevents you from being billed for any unrelated damages.


Rental periods are in 4 day increments.  You will need to ship the item on or prior to the 5th day. If that day falls on a Sunday or holiday, send it the following Monday. Return the item in the same packaging it arrived in,  flip the label, and drop it off at any USPS. We charge a 50% rental late fee per business day, so be prompt. You can find more about our Late Policy here.


Send a little note back with the item when you return it; the owners love hearing where you wore their treasured item! And leave a “review” on the item’s page to help other people understand fit and what to expect.



How do I pay?

Currently you can use Paypal or your Credit Card through PayPal during the checkout process.

What is my Wish List?

Your Wish List allows you to save your favorite pieces in one spot to rent out later!

How do I add something to my Wish List?

After clicking on rent and selecting the category you want to browse, hover your cursor over the product you want to add and click on the heart icon that appears in the bottom right corner. The item has now been added to your Wish List, which you can access under ‘My Account’ or near the shopping cart on the top right of all pages.

How do I review an item?

After you’ve worn and returned the garment, go to that garment’s page. Underneath the renting calendar you will see the word “REVIEWS”. Click on that and fill out the form. Include things like how it fits, the condition, and how much you loved it! Future renters will read your reviews and make renting decisions based on what you say about the garment, so feel free to be thorough!

How do I apply a coupon code?

In your shopping cart, directly under the item in your cart, there is a box that says “Enter Coupon”. Type in the code exactly as it appears and press the “APPLY COUPON” button.

Why can I only check out with one item?

You can only check out with one item because of how the process works when the owner receives payment for the item.

How long do I have to cancel an order?

You cannot cancel an order within 7 days of the rental start date. No refunds will be provided within 7 days.


What if I damage my rental?

Submit a claim here to start the process before it arrives damaged to the owner. After the claim is carefully reviewed, appropriate charges will be issued for its repair or replacement.

Who cleans the garment?

The owner is in charge of cleaning the garment. If the garment arrives slightly wrinkled from shipping, steaming it is the safest way to eliminate the wrinkles. Always follow the instructions on the label as all fabrics require different care.

Will my garment arrive pressed?

The owner of the garment will have the garment cleaned and pressed if necessary before sending it to you. However, there could be some mild wrinkles from shipping.

What if the item arrives with pre-existing damage?

Contact us within 24 hours of the garment’s arrival. You will need to fill out a claim here and upload images of the damage.


How do I use USPS?

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service. Our labeling & shipping system uses this service to transport rentals. You can find a mailbox or location here.  Please note closing/pickup times so that you rental gets out on the needed date. Many times, they close at 5pm.

What if I lose my packaging or label?

Contact us at and we will send you what you need!

What happens if I want to keep the item longer?

At this time, we cannot extend rentals. Due to each item on the site being a single garment. The owner schedules rentals for that specific item following your rental. You can book an garment for five 4 day increments totally 20 days max.

When does the 4 day rental period start?

The 4 days start on your requested arrival date.

What if I return the item late?

There is a 50% late fee of the items rental for everyday following the return date. So please return the garment promptly to it’s owner!  Remember, if your item’s rental period ends on a Sunday, your return date is Monday, the following business day.

How many days in advance should I rent the garment for an event?

You can rent an garment 3 days prior to your needed date. You also can rent months in advance to secure your rental dates.

How many items can I rent at once?

Rent one item per “shopping cart”.