Log into your account, add a garment and fill out the corresponding information (size, color, etc.). After the item is added to your wardrobe, we will send everything you need to ship your garment roundtrip.


Once your garment has been rented, you will receive a notification with the order’s shipping labels. Along with detailed instructions, you will be informed of the need by date (when the renter expects to receive the item) and the rental period (how long they will posses the item)Package your garment using the supplied materials and drop at a nearby USPS.


Once the rental period is complete, the renter will send the item back to you in the same packaging. Inspect the item and report any concerns or damages within 24 hours here.


Wardrobe Owners profit 80% from each transaction. Your rental profit will be sent to you after the item is confirmed returned. Payouts are made on the 1st and the 15th of each month. You will have 7 days between rentals to prep the garment to be rented again!



How do I make money?

Rent out the clothing from your closet to women nationwide. We supply all the tools, and the platform for you to succeed. You keep 80% of the profit.

How do I get paid?

We use PayPal to pay you. You will receive your earnings on the 1st and 15th of every month!

How do I price the item?

We suggest listing your garment for 20% of it’s current retail rate, although we encourage you to price it at it’s value, taking into consideration condition.

How long is the rental?

The rental period is in 4 day increments, not including shipping time. The renter is required to mail the item on the 5th day.

If a renter returns my item late, who gets the late fee?

80% of the late fee goes to the owner of the garment.

How many days do I have between rentals?

You will have 7 days between rentals. This allows you to check your item, clean it, and send it on it’s next adventure again.

What happens if I want to go on vacation?

In your Account, you can put your profile on “Vacation Mode”, which prevents anyone from renting from you during certain periods of time. You can do this for 1 item or all items.


Who’s in charge of cleaning?

The owner is in charge of cleaning the garment. We all have a favorite dry cleaner.

What if my garment returns damaged?

If your garment returns damaged, file a claim here. Appropriate reimbursements will be made after the claim is carefully reviewed.

What if my garment never returns?

If it has been 5 days since the return date. File a claim here. Appropriate reimbursements will be made after the claim is carefully reviewed.


Who handles shipping costs?

The renter pays shipping cost at checkout.

What do I ship the garment in?

Garment Exchange has developed two-way packaging and provides you shipping supplies when you list your item. This includes large bags, medium bags, and bubble wrap for both the sending and receiving of the garment. PDF Shipping Labels are provided via email once your item has rented, you just print and slip into the label pocket adhered to the shipping bags.

What if I run out of shipping materials?

Please complete the request form here and we will gladly send you more!

What happens if the rental falls during a holiday or weekend?

The rental is returned to you on the 5th day of the increment. If that 5th day falls on a Sunday or Holiday, it will return the next business day.

How do I use USPS?

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service. Our labeling & shipping system uses this service to transport rentals. You can find a mailbox or location here.  Please note closing/pickup times so that you rental gets out on the needed date. Many times, they close at 5pm.


What can I list?

Garments such as cocktail dresses, coats, jackets, tops, pants, skirts, cover-ups, and the like. Special occasion, outerwear and trendy styles do best!

What brands can I list?

You can list any brands – from basics, mid-range to vintage to couture & designer.  

Can I list shoes?

Not at this time, but check back soon.

Can I list handbags & clutches?

Not at this time, but check back soon.

Can I list jewelry?

Not at this time, but check back soon.

Can I list eyewear?

Not at this time, but check back soon.

Can I list swimwear?

Not at this time, but check back soon.